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Treadwell’s Tax Would Crush Homebuyers

Treadwell Would Eliminate Provision 30 Million American Families Rely on FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/19/2014 U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell is plugging a tax scheme that would crush homebuyers in Alaska, eliminating a provision over 30 million Americans rely on each year. Treadwell’s plan would force Alaskans and Americans to pay thousands of dollars more when buying a […]

Court Slams Koch Brothers for Running out on Alaskans

Rules Kochs Can’t Shirk Responsibility for Flint Hills Cleanup FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/22/2014 A court has ruled the Koch brothers can’t cut and run on their responsibility to clean up contamination in North Pole, where they closed a refinery, laid off Alaskans and tried to shift responsibility for the cleanup to Alaskans. The decision comes after the billionaires cut […]

Treadwell’s Periscope Problem

Treadwell Company Develops “The Hubble Telescope Pointing In” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/21/2014 ANCHORAGE: Mead Treadwell is trying to create distance from the nine-figure profits his company Digimarc made by pushing a national ID card scheme to monitor and track Americans saying he “didn’t look into anybody’s window.” Treadwell is going to have a tough time […]