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It has always been my goal to bring more transparency and accountability to Washington. And to this day, I take that seriously.

Since then, I have always gone above and beyond Senate rules to provide Alaskans a new level of transparency from their elected officials — I disclose the income of my entire family and post my Senate financial disclosures on my Senate website.

I am also one of the first Senators to post my schedule online each day, so Alaskans know who I’m meeting with and what I’m doing.

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has completely undermined our campaign finance system, allowing Outside groups with secretive donors to spend millions in our elections. I believe, as most Alaskans do, that Alaskans deserve to know who is trying to influence their choices. And that’s why I’m doing all I can to overturn the Citizens United ruling.

Alaskans deserve an open and honest government that works in their interests.

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