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Economy and Jobs

Economy and Jobs

My top priority is growing Alaska’s economy by creating good jobs right now for Alaskans and investing in critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, ports and harbors to help create jobs. I secured more than $1 billion to build and fix Alaska’s infrastructure, to create new jobs and expand our economy.

I have been fighting to create good jobs throughout Alaska by responsibly developing Alaska’s oil and gas, mineral, and fishing resources. I have also helped secure critical federal permits for projects creating thousands of good paying jobs for Alaskans.

I’ve fought to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to responsible oil and gas development and open Alaska’s Arctic lands and waters for energy development — moves that, if pursued in a safe and responsible way, will bring good paying and much-needed jobs to our state.

After 20 years of struggle by many, I successfully convinced the Environmental Protection Agency to approve several large new Alaska development projects, including the Kensington Mine in Southeast Alaska. The mine created hundreds of good-paying jobs in Southeast Alaska. I also pushed for new permits for the Red Dog Mine in Northwest Alaska and construction of the Tanana River Bridge in Interior Alaska.

As chair of the Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and Coast Guard, I fought to protect the thousands of Alaska seafood industry jobs by championing investment in our coastal communities and protecting Alaska’s fishing industry from burdensome regulation and overfishing. I am leading the fight against genetically-modified fish, known as “Frankenfish,” and other threats to Alaska’s wild salmon.

Expanding all of these industries will create new opportunities for Alaska’s critical small business sector. As a small businessman myself, I understand what it means to make payroll and balance the books. It’s never easy, which is why I have fought for common sense fairer and flatter tax reform for small businesses. I have also fought to rid of regulations, including the burdensome 1099 reporting requirements.

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