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Treadwell’s Periscope Problem

Treadwell Company Develops “The Hubble Telescope Pointing In”


ANCHORAGE: Mead Treadwell is trying to create distance from the nine-figure profits his company Digimarc made by pushing a national ID card scheme to monitor and track Americans saying he “didn’t look into anybody’s window.”

Treadwell is going to have a tough time convincing Alaskans he hasn’t spent years developing new way to monitor Americans after another Treadwell company developed satellite surveillance technology described by Treadwell as “the Hubble Telescope pointing in.”


“If you were part of a company that marketed mirrors and somebody used it as a periscope, you know what I mean, to look into somebody’s window, I didn’t look into anybody’s window,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell is saying there’s confusion about Digimarc’s work and his position on the REAL ID program. But there’s no confusion about his regular brags about guiding the company to success while it pushed the plan.


A Treadwell company developed a telescope “to be used in space to gather reconnaissance and surveillance information from around the world.” Treadwell described his new technology as “The Hubble Telescope pointing in.”

As reported by the Alaska Journal of Commerce, “One of the two technologies Venture is currently developing at its office in Portland, Ore., is the ring telescope, chief executive officer Mead Treadwell said July 19 at a presentation in Anchorage. [Alaska Journal of Commerce, 7/31/05]


Surveillance satellite, periscope or national ID card scheme, Mead Treadwell’s companies have profited off of monitoring and following Alaskans and Americans.