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Dan Sullivan: No Education Platform

Mark Begich: Throw out No Child Left Behind FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/16/2014 ANCHORAGE- After dodging questions from high school students at a public forum hosted by the Anchorage School District, Dan Sullivan continues to maintain a strict silence on education issues, leaving Alaska students, teachers and administrators with few ideas about what radical policies he would […]

Outside Group Leaves Alaska off the Map

ANCHORAGE — Another Outside group is attacking Mark Begich with a misleading attack ad piggybacking on attacks from Senate candidate Dan Sullivan that have been proven false by an independent fact check organization.   What’s worse, the attack ad from Numbers USA failed to even include Alaska on a graphic of the United States, like […]

Begich Surprises Guests at Arctic Entries

Begich Tells Story Of His “Last First Date” at Alaska Storytelling Forum FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/15/2014 ANCHORAGE- Mark Begich has a lifetime stories about his time growing up in East Anchorage, starting several small businesses while going to Steller, and being the youngest member to hold a seat on the Anchorage Assembly - to name just a […]