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Outside Group Leaves Alaska off the Map

ANCHORAGE — Another Outside group is attacking Mark Begich with a misleading attack ad piggybacking on attacks from Senate candidate Dan Sullivan that have been proven false by an independent fact check organization.


What’s worse, the attack ad from Numbers USA failed to even include Alaska on a graphic of the United States, like the U.S. Chamber has in their graphics of the U.S. on their website.

“It’s bad enough that Dan Sullivan, the Koch brothers and his Outside parents have dumped millions of dollars on Alaska’s airwaves with negative attack ads, but now they don’t even have the decency to include Alaska in their false cut and paste attack ads. These Outside groups don’t understand or share Alaska’s values and, just like Dan Sullivan, they want to buy power in Washington for themselves,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Senators Begich and Murkowski voted for comprehensive immigration reform that would secure America’s borders and fix our broken immigration system. Begich has long said he is opposed to amnesty.