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What Did Dan Sullivan Secretly Promise the Club for Growth?

Anti-Alaska organization wants to privatize Social Security & dismantle Medicare FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/13/2014 ANCHORAGE: Alaska’s seniors are on notice after Dan Sullivan cruised through a clandestine interview with the Anti-Alaska Club for Growth and passed their test on privatizing Social Security and dismantling Medicare. Sullivan sat down with the Club for Growth for a […]

Anti-Alaska Club for Growth Endorses Sullivan

The Club for Growth is “one of the most extreme groups in Washington D.C.” ~ Congressman Don Young FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/12/2023 ANCHORAGE: The anti-Alaska Club for Growth is once again trying to tell Alaskans what’s best for them. Alaskans rejected the organization’s 2008 opposition to Congressman Don Young who they told Alaskans to ‘show […]

In New TV Ad: Alaskans To Kochs “Don’t tell us what to do”

Alaskans decry Kochs’ closure of Alaska refinery and false political attacks FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/10/2023 ANCHORAGE: Residents of Fairbanks and North Pole fight back against the Outsider billionaire Koch brothers’ “false” political attack ads, closure of the Flint Hills refinery, laying off 80 Alaskans and stalling cleanup of contaminated groundwater in a new TV ad. […]