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What Did Dan Sullivan Secretly Promise the Club for Growth?

Anti-Alaska organization wants to privatize Social Security & dismantle Medicare


ANCHORAGE: Alaska’s seniors are on notice after Dan Sullivan cruised through a clandestine interview with the Anti-Alaska Club for Growth and passed their test on privatizing Social Security and dismantling Medicare.

Sullivan sat down with the Club for Growth for a secret candidate interview described as a “policy murder board” by Time Magazine:

“An endorsement requires an interview, which generally involves three or four Club staffers peppering candidates about topics ranging from farm subsidies and free trade to student loans and flood insurance. Acing the policy murder board is requisite…”

Sullivan passed the test with flying colors and is now “honored” to accept the endorsement of the organization and its controversial beliefs.

“Dan Sullivan won’t talk to Alaskans, but has no problem giving secret answers to an Anti-Alaska organization that has tried to defeat Senator Murkowski and Congressman Young while advocating for the privatization of Social Security and the voucherization of Medicare,” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Alaskans for Begich Campaign Manager.

Despite being forthcoming in secret Washington D.C. interviews, in Alaska Sullivan continues to dodge questions from Alaskans and ignore the closure of the Flint Hills refinery.

The billionaire Koch brothers announced the closure of the Flint Hills refinery five weeks ago and Sullivan has refused to comment on the decision while being the beneficiary of over $1 million of ads attacking Mark Begich from the Kochs.

Don Young has called the Club for Growth “one of the most extreme groups in Washington D.C.” who wants to cut funding for veterans, seniors and Alaska Natives.