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In New TV Ad: Alaskans To Kochs “Don’t tell us what to do”

Alaskans decry Kochs’ closure of Alaska refinery and false political attacks


ANCHORAGE: Residents of Fairbanks and North Pole fight back against the Outsider billionaire Koch brothers’ “false” political attack ads, closure of the Flint Hills refinery, laying off 80 Alaskans and stalling cleanup of contaminated groundwater in a new TV ad.

“No DC actresses or false attacks, this is just Alaskans telling the truth - and I hope the Koch brothers finally get that Alaskans don’t need them telling us what to do,” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Alaskans for Begich Campaign Manager. “Spending millions on attack ads doesn’t keep a refinery open and it won’t overshadow Mark Begich’s record of fighting for new oil and gas projects, our military bases, and veterans care.”

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The most recent Koch-funded attacks against Mark Begich have been called “false” and “not true” by independent fact check organizations. The Kochs’ have spent nearly $1 million in Alaska attacking Mark Begich, starting last September.

The closure of the Flint Hills refinery and firing of 80 Alaskans has drawn bipartisan condemnation from Alaskans. The Koch-owned Flint Hill Resources is currently being sued by the State of Alaska over groundwater pollution in North Pole.

Alaskans for Begich has run 14 radio ads on Mark Begich’s record of fighting the Obama administration for expanded Alaska oil and gas development, keeping the F-16 fighter jets at Eielson Air Force Base, and supporting Alaska’s veterans.

Ad Text:

Mark Begich: I’m Mark Begich and I approve this message.

Narrator: First it was a DC actress pretending to be an Alaskan. Now, ads attacking Mark Begich on a carbon tax have been called “false” and “not true.”Who’s behind the attacks?

Man 1: The Koch brothers.

Woman 1: The billionaire Koch brothers.

Man 2: I do not believe it.

Man 3: They come into our town, buy our refinery.

Man 4: Just running it into the ground.

Man 5: Leaving a mess.

Woman 2: A lot of Alaskans are losing jobs and I’m definitely concerned about the drinking water.

Man 6: I don’t go down to tell them what to do, I expect them not to come up to Alaska and tell us what to do.