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New Ad: Alaska Veteran Calls Out False Attacks on Begich

Afghanistan War Vet Bryan Box: “Mark saw the V.A. delays four years ago and forced them to fix the problem in Alaska.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/16/2014 ANCHORAGE — When Mark Begich saw a problem at Alaska’s VA he went to work to fix it on behalf of Alaska veterans like Bryan Box who calls out attack ads from Outside groups […]

Sullivan Blunder of the Week: Endorsing Citizens United

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/13/2014 ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan stunned Alaskans with an endorsement of Citizens United and the practice of unlimited spending from corporations and billionaires in Alaska’s elections. Less than 24 hours after his endorsement, an Outside group began airing an ad on Sullivan’s behalf. “Dan Sullivan gave Alaskans a clear message, […]

Disgusting New Attack Follows Dan Sullivan’s Lead

New Ad Comes One Day After Sullivan Endorsed Citizens United FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/11/2023 ANCHORAGE — Doubling down on sickening attacks that have already been criticized by independent fact checkers and the Republican Chairman of the House Veterans Committee, Dan Sullivan’s Outside backers continued to politicize the tragic death of veterans at the Arizona VA. […]