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Disgusting New Attack Follows Dan Sullivan’s Lead

New Ad Comes One Day After Sullivan Endorsed Citizens United


ANCHORAGE — Doubling down on sickening attacks that have already been criticized by independent fact checkers and the Republican Chairman of the House Veterans Committee, Dan Sullivan’s Outside backers continued to politicize the tragic death of veterans at the Arizona VA.

Alaskans are standing behind Mark Begich’s record of delivering improved care for Alaska’s veterans.

Read about Begich’s Record of Fighting for Alaska Veterans HERE

An independent fact check organization debunked today’s claim from Crossroads GPS and outlined Begich’s aggressive response to the Arizona VA scandal.

“Dan Sullivan’s continued attempts to turn the tragic death of veterans at the Arizona VA into a political attack in Alaska prove he can’t be trusted and he’ll say or do anything to score political points,” said said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Begich has widespread support from the Alaska veteran community. Begich also sits on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee where he successfully facilitated an agreement between the VA and tribal health facilities to allow veterans to receive care closer to home, helping to significantly cut down on VA wait times in Alaska.

The Republican Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Jeff Miller (R-FL) has called these ads inappropriate and referred to them as a “political football.”

Alaska veterans are standing with Begich:

“Mark has consistently stood by Alaska’s veterans and military families when we have needed him the most. I am a disabled veteran and he has always been there for me. Whoever says he stands on the sidelines is flat out lying. He helped lead the fight to improve health programs, hospital services, and health care access that so many of us need when we return from combat or retire after a long career. I am supporting Mark, because I know he has my back. - LTC Joseph W. Vargas, Retired

“Since his first days in office, Mark has always put first my needs as well as those of my fellow armed service members and their families. As a veteran here in Alaska, I watched proudly as he fought to preserve the cost of living allowance we were promised and brought accessible health care to Alaska’s veterans with the Hero’s Health card so we don’t need to travel to Seattle for simple procedures anymore. I’m supporting Senator Begich because he’s fought for me and my fellow members of our nation’s armed services and our families.” - MaCherie Dunbar , Technical Sgt, USAFR