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Sullivan Blunder of the Week: Endorsing Citizens United


ANCHORAGE - U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan stunned Alaskans with an endorsement of Citizens United and the practice of unlimited spending from corporations and billionaires in Alaska’s elections. Less than 24 hours after his endorsement, an Outside group began airing an ad on Sullivan’s behalf.

“Dan Sullivan gave Alaskans a clear message, if they elect him to the U.S. Senate he will fight to allow billionaires and corporations to spend any amount to buy Alaska’s elections,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Dan Sullivan tried to sidestep his support for Citizens United three times on a conference call with reporters this week. Listen to the audio here. Sullivan later voiced his full support for the decision which allows limitless spending and infamously declared that corporations are people.

As Attorney General, Dan Sullivan failed to fight against the Citizens United decision and issued an opinion on the case from the Department of Law.

Dan Sullivan continues to be the favorite candidate of Outside groups, including the Koch brothers and Karl Rove’s Crossroads. Collectively these groups have pledged and spent over $10 million in television and radio spending from now through Election Day attacking Mark Begich.