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Dan Sullivan Fishing for Votes in Galena

Desperate for Support in Rural Alaska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/09/2023 ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan visited Galena for the first time since his attacks on Alaska Native tribal sovereignty as the Attorney General fighting Alaska tribes in the Kaltag case. Sullivan’s history of prosecuting rural Alaska is in startling contrast to Mark Begich’s record of fighting […]

ICYMI: Begich Comes Out Strong Against Hobby Lobby

Takes Away Individual Rights for Sake of a Corporation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/08/2023 ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich is taking a strong stand against the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling which takes health care decisions away from Alaska women and allows bosses to make reproductive health care decisions for their employees. “Mark Begich is the only […]

Sullivan Admits Lack of Alaska Residency

Senate Candidate Changes Residency Story Once Again FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/08/2023 ANCHORAGE — On Alaska Public Radio’s “Talk of Alaska” U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan attempted to airbrush a new layer on the ever-changing story of his residency. Sullivan told an Alaskan that he checked a box on his 2009 non-resident fishing license application asking […]