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Sullivan Admits Lack of Alaska Residency

Senate Candidate Changes Residency Story Once Again


ANCHORAGE — On Alaska Public Radio’s “Talk of Alaska” U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan attempted to airbrush a new layer on the ever-changing story of his residency. Sullivan told an Alaskan that he checked a box on his 2009 non-resident fishing license application asking if he was “domiciled” in Alaska or not.

Dan Sullivan’s fishing license application very clearly directed him to identify his Alaska “Residency,” which he left blank. The application makes no reference of being “domiciled” outside of Alaska while being a resident.

A current online fishing application requires an individual to identify their residency in the first field:

“Alaskans can’t trust Dan Sullivan’s ever-changing story and the claims he has made in the last five years to have been a non-resident, 1 year resident, 2 year resident, 10 year resident and 17 year resident of Alaska. It doesn’t add up,” Susanne Fleek-Green.

At the time of his non-resident fishing application, Sullivan owned a million dollar Maryland home identified as his “principal residence” while voting in Alaska.

Sullivan’s entire story conflicts with his recent claim to have been a continuous 17 year resident of Alaska made when he filed to run for the U.S. Senate listing residency in Alaska since 8/1/1997.