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Dan Sullivan Fishing for Votes in Galena

Desperate for Support in Rural Alaska


ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan visited Galena for the first time since his attacks on Alaska Native tribal sovereignty as the Attorney General fighting Alaska tribes in the Kaltag case. Sullivan’s history of prosecuting rural Alaska is in startling contrast to Mark Begich’s record of fighting for federal relief for rural Alaska communities who suffered severe flood damage.

Sullivan’s visit is his first since Galena suffered widespread damage that displaced families and left the village underwater.

“Mark Begich fought for real results for Galena and continues to fight to improve health care, broadband, infrastructure and education across rural Alaska. Dan Sullivan’s appearance in Galena to ask for votes only reminds rural Alaska of his efforts to sue Alaska Native villages and end subsistence rights,” said Max Croes.

Begich has helped bring millions in relief to Alaska communities on the Yukon-Kuskokwin river who have suffered from low salmon runs as well as severe flooding in the past few years. Begich is the chairman of the subcommittee overseeing FEMA which provides emergency relief in the event of disasters.

Begich visited Galena last summer to meet face to face with Alaskans to discuss their needs and concerns in the wake of devastating flooding.

Sullivan last visited Galena during his prosecution of the Kaltag court case as attorney general.