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See For Yourself — Dan Sullivan Sued Katie John

Attorney General Dan Sullivan sued to curtail subsistence rights FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/10/2023 ANCHORAGE — At tonight’s KTVA/ADN debate U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan attempted to hide his role as Attorney General in suing Alaska Native elder and subsistence rights activist Katie John. The lawsuit challenged the subsistence rights of Alaska Natives and was opposed […]

National ID Card Questions Remain Unanswered

Alaskans Deserve Answers on Government Invasion of Privacy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/10/2023 ANCHORAGE -After weeks of dubious calls to protect Americans’ privacy, U.S. Senate candidates Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan have a chance to come clean with Alaskans about their support of a national ID card. The unpopular REAL ID law would put 240 million […]