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Sullivan and Treadwell Fail to Address Women’s Issues in Final Debate

Standing by Extreme Platforms FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/14/2014 ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senate candidates Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan failed to address issues important to Alaska women in their final debate hosted by KTUU, avoiding their record of opposing equal pay for equal work and believing government should make health care decisions for Alaska women. “Mead Treadwell […]

Endorsement from Senior Votes Count

Begich Success in Fighting for Seniors FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/14/2014 ANCHORAGE — Senator Mark Begich today received the endorsement of Senior Votes Count, an advocacy organization working to protect our seniors by preserving Social Security and Medicare for future generations. Spokesperson and representative from Senior Votes Count, Jon “Bowzer” Bauman – formerly of popular 70s band […]

$300,000 Hail Mary From Dan Sullivan’s Ohio Family

Uses Funds to Fuel Negative Attack Ads FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/13/2014 ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan is relying on $300,000 from his multimillionaire Cleveland-based parents and brother to fuel attack ads against Joe Miller, Mead Treadwell and Mark Begich in the closing days of the contested Alaska primary. The Cleveland-based Sullivan family owns […]