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Where’s Dan Sullivan?

Restricts Public Schedule FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/25/2014 ANCHORAGE — Alaskans are out of luck if they are trying to ask U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan a question about what he believes. Sullivan kicked off his first week as a candidate without a single public meeting with Alaskans and virtually no campaign appearances. This follows Tuesday’s primary where Sullivan […]

Supercut Video: Treadwell & Miller Slam Dan Sullivan

What Treadwell and Miller Actually Think of Sullivan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/25/2014 ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich’s newest TV ad is 30 seconds in length, but there’s much more Alaska Republicans Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller had to say about Dan Sullivan. Supercut Video of Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller Treadwell and Miller were honest […]

Senator Begich Addresses AFL-CIO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/22/2014 Senator Mark Begich gave a speech to a convention of the AFL-CIO in Fairbanks yesterday reaffirming his support for Alaska workers and middle class families, a stark contrast to U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s support of Right To Work. Dan Sullivan’s Record: “I am supportive of right to work.” U.S. Senate […]