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Where’s Dan Sullivan?

Restricts Public Schedule


ANCHORAGE — Alaskans are out of luck if they are trying to ask U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan a question about what he believes. Sullivan kicked off his first week as a candidate without a single public meeting with Alaskans and virtually no campaign appearances. This follows Tuesday’s primary where Sullivan lost 60% of the vote in a bitter primary election and locked reporters out of a victory party.

Mark Begich has visited nine Alaska communities in the past week.

“Unlike Dan Sullivan, Mark Begich knows the importance of meeting face to face with Alaskans in every corner of the state. Dan Sullivan continues to avoid Alaskans in attempt to duck straightforward questions like ‘do you support the Violence Against Women Act,’” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Campaign Manager for Alaskans for Begich.

Dan Sullivan has never taken open questions from the Alaska media and does not publicize his campaign events.

Mark Begich has Alaska’s best congressional attendance record and is always ready to go to work for Alaska. Begich frequently travels thousands of miles across Alaska. When he is home, he can be found speaking with Alaskans at Home Depot, Fred Meyer, on the streets of Dillingham or at the airport.