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ICYMI: KSRM Radio: Sullivan Backs Obama Plan Opposed by Begich

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/24/2014 ANCHORAGE — According to KSRM, U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan rushed to support President Obama’s plan to send American weapons and federal funding to arm unknown Syrian rebels. Mark Begich is opposed to putting the U.S. closer to having American military troops on the ground by engaging in an open ended commitment […]

Don’t Ask Dan Sullivan These 5 Questions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/24/2014 ANCHORAGE — Alaskans know there are major ideological differences between Senator Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. Sullivan has a well documented record of failures as attorney general and his legacy still haunts the state. Here are 5 questions Dan Sullivan hopes Alaskans won’t ask him about Senator Lisa Murkowski’s beliefs: Do […]

Sullivan on Murkowski: A Painful 10 Seconds

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/23/2014 ANCHORAGE — Alaskans endured a painful 10 seconds when U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan floundered at a recent debate when asked a simple question — Did you vote for Senator Lisa Murkowski in 2010? Click on image to watch the video Sullivan cast a ballot in 2010, but he didn’t vote […]