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Sullivan on Murkowski: A Painful 10 Seconds


ANCHORAGE — Alaskans endured a painful 10 seconds when U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan floundered at a recent debate when asked a simple question — Did you vote for Senator Lisa Murkowski in 2010?

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Sullivan cast a ballot in 2010, but he didn’t vote for Murkowski.

Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski vote together as much as 80% of the time together, a key sign they work together to produce results for Alaska. Just last month, Senators Begich and Murkowski, along with Congressman Don Young, announced the Pentagon’s intent to base two squadrons of F-35s at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks.

Murkowski and Begich vote together more than any Republican-Democrat pair in the U.S. Senate representing their shared views on the right of Alaska women to make their own health care decisions, support for equal pay for equal work and subsistence rights for Alaska Natives — all policies Dan Sullivan opposes.