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Sullivan: No Respect for Alaskans’ Land and Water Rights

Tries to Hide Efforts to Silence Alaskans \FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/06/2023 CONTACT: Max Croes — 907-570-2065 ANCHORAGE- Dan Sullivan continues to avoid his role in the “Silencing Alaskans Act,” legislation that would have restricted Alaskans’ access to public lands. Sullivan aggressively pushed the bill which would have cut Alaska Natives, sport fishermen and local voices out of decisions about land usage. The controversial […]

UPDATED: Begich Agrees to Live Radio Debate

Sullivan Refusing to Address Young Voters, Participate in Live Radio FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/05/2023 CONTACT: Max Croes — 907-570-2065 ANCHORAGE- Mark Begich recently committed to a live radio debate on KWHL hosted by morning radio hosts Bob and Mark. More than a week later, show hosts have not heard back from U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Sullivan […]

ICYMI: Begich Draws Contrast With Sullivan on Social Security

Begich Pushes to Expand Benefits FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/03/2024 ANCHORAGE — Senator Mark Begich knows that seniors worked hard for their Social Security benefits and believes those benefits should be protected and expanded - Dan Sullivan believes Social Security is an “entitlement” and supports means testing and raising the retirement age which could cut the benefits […]