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UPDATED: Begich Agrees to Live Radio Debate

Sullivan Refusing to Address Young Voters, Participate in Live Radio

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ANCHORAGE- Mark Begich recently committed to a live radio debate on KWHL hosted by morning radio hosts Bob and Mark. More than a week later, show hosts have not heard back from U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan.

Sullivan has also refused an invite from high school students to participate in a live forum with students and the League of Women Voters.

Mark Begich continues to hold public events across Alaska and will participate in 9 debates and forums, with or without Sullivan, from now until the November 4 election.

Sullivan has made headlines across the state for refusing to participate in the Kodiak fish debate, an Alaska tradition, only to cave after mounting pressure. The move was referred to as a “Senate candidate from Iowa, say, skipping a debate on corn.”

Sullivan continues to dodge simple questions from Alaskans. His recent inability to explain the millions of dollars the Koch brothers are using to support him caused Sullivan’s staff to pull him from an interview with Alaska’s largest TV station.

“Sullivan continues to let the Koch brothers and Karl Rove do the talking for him while he runs from questions about his residency, where his Outside support is coming from and why he refuses to face Alaska voters in a debate with Mark Begich. Dan Sullivan’s busy schedule apparently is keeping him from talking to Alaskans, but Mark Begich will continue to answer questions from Alaskans whether they’re from students or Bob & Mark,” said Max Croes Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.



Begich Forum and Debate Schedule

TBD- Live KWHL Radio Debate on Bob and Mark Show

Tuesday, October 14, League of Women Voters and Anchorage School District Student Forum


Tuesday, October 21, Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

Thursday, October 23, Resource Development Council Candidate Forum

Friday, October 24, Alaska Federation of Native Candidate Forum

Sunday, October 26, KTVA Ch. 11 and Alaska Dispatch Debate

Monday, October 27, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

Tuesday, October 28, Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Forum

Wednesday, October 29, KTUU Channel 2 Debate

Thursday, October 30, Debate for the State - Alaska Public Media


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