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ICYMI: Begich Draws Contrast With Sullivan on Social Security

Begich Pushes to Expand Benefits


ANCHORAGE — Senator Mark Begich knows that seniors worked hard for their Social Security benefits and believes those benefits should be protected and expanded - Dan Sullivan believes Social Security is an “entitlement” and supports means testing and raising the retirement age which could cut the benefits our seniors have earned.

The Washington Post notes Begich’s commitment to protecting the program:

“So he’s going to ramp up his push for a proposal that is treated as marginal inside the Beltway, but could nonetheless prove to have appeal even in a deeply conservative state: The proposal to expand Social Security.

“As the Alaska Senate race hits its final, frenzied stretch, the Begich campaign is set to roll out a new set of policy prescriptions that are focused on older voters — which you can read about right here. Central to this push is Begich’s proposal to shore up Social Security’s finances, but in a way that would permit an expansion of benefits to certain groups of seniors.”

Begich has rolled out a plan to strengthen and protect Social Security and Medicare. Read Begich’s full plan here.

Read the full story here.