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ICYMI: No Campaign Like This in America

Begich Opens Offices in Rural Alaska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/05/2023 ANCHORAGE - Mark Begich is “tough to beat because he’s a fighter and a seasoned campaigner” with “Bush cred” according to Alaska’s KTVA. The station joined Begich on a recent trip to Bethel and Napaskiak where Begich showed his deep understanding of and committment to […]

Dan Sullivan is Outside Groups’ Favorite Candidate

Karl Rove Pledges Millions to Alaska Republican Primary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/05/2023 An Outside group spending millions to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has declared Alaska’s Republican Party primary is the only primary it will participate in from here on out. Crossroads has announced that they will cease spending money in other primary […]

FactCheck.Org: Twisting Begich’s Response to VA Scandal

Independent Group Calls Foul on Pro-Sullivan Ads FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/04/2024 ANCHORAGE - An independent fact check organization is calling foul on Dan Sullivan and Karl Rove’s Crossroads for misleading attempts to score political points in Alaska using the Veterans Affairs scandal in Arizona and the tragic deaths of over 40 veterans. picked apart Sullivan’s claims […]