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Dan Sullivan is Outside Groups’ Favorite Candidate

Karl Rove Pledges Millions to Alaska Republican Primary


An Outside group spending millions to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has declared Alaska’s Republican Party primary is the only primary it will participate in from here on out.

Crossroads has announced that they will cease spending money in other primary races across the country, exclusively spending millions for their anointed candidate, Sullivan.

“Dan Sullivan is relying on Outside groups hellbent on spending millions in Alaska while he’s doing everything possible to avoid looking Alaskans in the eye and answering their questions about issues,” said Max Croes, Alaskans for Begich Communications Director.

Karl Rove backed Crossroads groups have pledged to spend an astounding $7 million dollars against Mark Begich on television ads in Alaska. Outside groups have collectively pledged nearly $10 million in television spending from now through Election Day in addition to the millions they’ve already spent.

Sullivan has several questionable connections to Crossroads groups including his own personal admission that a tipster close to the group gave him a “head’s up” about ads Rove is preparing to run.

Crossroads is currently up with an ad in Alaska politicizing the tragic deaths of veterans at a VA facility in Arizona. The Republican Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Jeff Miller (R-TX) has called the ads inappropriate and referred to them as a “political football.” said the ads ‘twist’ the truth.