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ICYMI: Begich’s Strong Campaign Criss-Crossing Alaska

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/25/2014 ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich is running a campaign centered on connecting directly with Alaskans, a skill that comes from a lifetime spent in Alaska and an intimate understanding of the unique needs of the state and its residents. Begich is “renowned for stopping unannounced at bingo halls to call numbers” and […]

North Slope Leaders Endorse Mark Begich

Endorsements Continue Begich’s Momentum FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/24/2013 Mark Begich is pleased to announce the endorsement of six current and former North Slope mayors, who recognize the results Begich has delivered for rural Alaska and his fight to represent all Alaskans. Endorsements Include: Charlotte Brower, North Slope Borough Mayor (Current) Robert Harcharek, Mayor of Barrow […]

Outside Attacks on Begich “Embarrassing”

Republican: “A million and a half dollars that got flushed down the toilet” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/24/2014 A Republican strategist controlling millions of dollars in ads attacking Mark Begich is labeling Outside spending a waste of money. Strategist Art Hackney told The Guardian attack ads, like those run by the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove, are the equivalent of […]