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New Begich Ad: “Alaska Women Need to Know”

“Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell have positions on women’s health that are truly frightening.” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/05/2023 ANCHORAGE — Alaska women are speaking out against Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell’s “truly frightening” positions on women’s health in a new Mark Begich ad. “Treadwell and Sullivan’s frightening beliefs would allow a woman’s boss to deny […]

Treadwell and Sullivan: Restricting Access to Birth Control

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/05/2023 ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell are doubling down on their anti-birth control agenda by broadcasting their support all over Alaska for policies that would restrict access to birth control. “Instead of shrinking from these alarming stances, Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan are broadcasting their anti-woman agenda all over Alaska. Alaska […]

ICYMI: Cleveland Newspaper Calls Begich-Murkowski Bipartisanship “Stunning”

Cleveland Paper Highlights Delegation Partnership FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/05/2023 ANCHORAGE - Dan Sullivan’s hometown newspaper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is calling Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski’s bipartisanship “stunning” given the polarized political environment in Washington. Cleveland reporter Stephen Koff was so shocked he even had to call an Alaska political scientist to confirm it. Koff noted the […]