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Sullivan Gets 40% of the Vote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/27/2014 ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan garnered barely 40% of the primary vote last week, a fact being noted by media outlets. Sullivan’s lackluster performance in the primary has been followed by Sullivan’s suspect disappearance from the public eye. “After losing 60% of the vote in his own primary election, Dan Sullivan has disappeared, […]

Dan Sullivan and Citizens United

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/26/2014 ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan is the only candidate in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race who supports unlimited spending by corporations and billionaires in elections. Sullivan announced his support for the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and anonymous spending by billionaires and his belief corporations are people in June when stumbling through his disingenuous attempt […]

ICYMI: Begich Supports Pay Equity for Women

KTVA: “No sign of women getting paid less for performing the same role” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/26/2014 ANCHORAGE — Senator Mark Begich joined Alaska women and equal pay supporters at the YWCA in Anchorage to discuss the importance of equal pay for women and his support for the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would put tough […]