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Sullivan Gets 40% of the Vote


ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan garnered barely 40% of the primary vote last week, a fact being noted by media outlets. Sullivan’s lackluster performance in the primary has been followed by Sullivan’s suspect disappearance from the public eye.

“After losing 60% of the vote in his own primary election, Dan Sullivan has disappeared, locked Alaska reporters out of events and continued to avoid answering questions on issues critical to the state like the Violence Against Women Act while letting Outside groups like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers do the talking for him,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

In the primary Sullivan benefited from millions of dollars being spent on TV and radio by Outside groups including a last minute infusion of $300,000 from his parents and brother. Sullivan has been preparing his U.S. Senate bid for years.