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Alaskans Gather to Speak Out on Dan Sullivan’s Mercer Decision

ANCHORAGE — Today, representatives from the Alaska State Employees Association (ASEA), National Association of Teachers- Alaska (NEA-Alaska), the Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association (AKPFFA), and Alaska Public Employees Association (APEA) joined forces to speak out against Dan Sullivan’s record as attorney general and his ‘personal responsibility‘ for a lawsuit settlement costing Alaskans more than $2 billion […]

Sullivan Backers Call for Government Shutdown

ANCHORAGE — After spending and raising nearly half a million dollars for U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, the anti-Alaska Club for Growth is calling for a government shutdown. Dan Sullivan wholeheartedly endorsed the Club for Growth’s agenda with a TV ad touting their endorsement. The Club for Growth returned the favor with nearly $200,000 in […]