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Sullivan’s Latest Attack Falls Flat

ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan is unleashing more of the same desperate attacks he’s been pushing for months at the instruction of Outside groups, all while telling Alaskans he’s focused on a positive campaign. Dan Sullivan’s attacks against Mark Begich’s record of supporting Alaska’s military and veterans have been called “false” and “twisted.” With the blessing […]

Sullivan and the Violence Against Women Act

ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s newest ad doesn’t tell the truth about his record as Alaska’s attorney general where he not only sued to prevent tribes from protecting at risk children, but also refused to support the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). “Dan Sullivan’s latest ad doesn’t tell the truth about where […]

Sullivan Forced to Cave, Finally Agrees to Attend Traditional Alaska Fish Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/12/2023 CONTACT: Max Croes — 907-570-2065 ANCHORAGE – After a week of refusing to attend the Kodiak fisheries debate and offending Alaska’s fishermen - and Alaska’s largest private sector employer - Dan Sullivan today conceded he had made a mistake and said he will in fact attend the longstanding traditional debate. In addition to changing his mind, Sullivan’s campaign was forced to […]