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Dan’s Distortions: Deciding Affordable Care Act Vote

“Deciding Vote” Claim Has Been Repeatedly Debunked FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/20/2014 ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan is continuing his barrage of dishonest attacks about Mark Begich’s record to avoid discussing his own failed record as Alaska’s attorney general. Recent campaign literature paid for and endorsed by Dan Sullivan includes the regularly debunked claim: Mark Begich was […]

Mark Begich is Committed to Alaska’s Air Force

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/18/2014 Mark Begich is committed to growing and maintaining Alaska’s military infrastructure and missions. In the U.S. Senate, Senator Mark Begich used his clout to deliver results and increased resources to Alaska’s military members and installations. Begich fought to keep F-16s at Eielson Air Force Base saving thousands of jobs, pushed for Eielson […]

Campaign Statement on Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels

ANCHORAGE — Today, the U.S. Senate passed a measure including President Obama’s request to provide federal funds to arm an unknown group of Syrian rebels. Begich’s opponent Dan Sullivan was quick to support President Obama’s request and call for the U.S. to take steps toward putting American boots on the ground. Alaskans for Begich released […]