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Sullivan’s Parents Fuel Crossroads Attacks

Sullivan family and Karl Rove fueling attack ads in Alaska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/23/2014 ANCHORAGE — Outside group Crossroads GPS is continuing Karl Rove’s efforts to buy Alaska’s senate seat for Dan Sullivan with millions of dollars in false claims about Mark Begich’s record. The Alaska Dispatch News recently uncovered that the false attacks all […]

Crossroads 2nd Largest Donor: Sullivan’s Parents

Ohio-Based family gave $300,000 cash infusion to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/22/2014 ANCHORAGE — The Center for Public Integrity reported on the shady dealings between American Crossroads and Dan Sullivan’s Ohio-based parents in their latest attempt to secretly buy Alaska’s U.S. Senate for Dan Sullivan. Thomas and Sandra Sullivan’s cash infusion of $300,000 […]

Sullivan Senate Run Bought and Paid for By Outside Groups

Tired Sullivan Campaign Attacks Sold by Washington D.C. Group FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/22/2014 ANCHORAGE — An Alaska Dispatch News investigative report into Alaska’s Senate race revealed Dan Sullivan’s campaign relies on the off-the-shelf political attacks bought and sold by Outside groups associated with the Koch brothers and Karl Rove. The Sullivan campaign and Outside groups share a “central warehouse” of […]