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Sullivan’s Parents Fuel Crossroads Attacks

Sullivan family and Karl Rove fueling attack ads in Alaska


ANCHORAGE — Outside group Crossroads GPS is continuing Karl Rove’s efforts to buy Alaska’s senate seat for Dan Sullivan with millions of dollars in false claims about Mark Begich’s record.

The Alaska Dispatch News recently uncovered that the false attacks all come from a “central warehouse” in Washington D.C.

The Center for Public Integrity reported on the secretive dealings between American Crossroads and Dan Sullivan’s Ohio-based parents in their latest attempt to secretly buy Alaska’s U.S. Senate for Dan Sullivan. Thomas and Sandra Sullivan’s cash infusion of $300,000 on their son’s behalf made them the second largest contributors to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads in August.

“These are the same attacks bought by Dan Sullivan and the Koch brothers in attempt to mislead Alaskans. Crossroads in coordination with Dan Sullivan’s parents and other Outside groups will stop at nothing in their attempts to buy Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat for Dan Sullivan, who is only in this race for himself. Alaskans know Mark Begich, they know his record, and they know these are desperate attacks from Outside groups,” said Max Croes, Alaskans for Begich Communications Director.

False Claim: Mark Begich left the city of Anchorage $17 million in debt. The Facts: In 2003 Begich inherited a $33 million debt, which he turned around by working with the Anchorage Assembly and city employees. Begich’s financial stewardship earned Anchorage a “AA” bond rating and put the city in a strong position to withstand the nationwide recessions and stock market crash that devastated cities across the country.

Anchorage Daily News Editorial: “Our view: Fine job, Mr. Mayor.”[Editorial, Anchorage Daily News, 1/3/09]

False Claim: Mark Begich voted in support of President Obama’s spending. The Facts: Mark Begich voted against President Obama’s trillion dollar tax increase. [U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote #97, 5/16/12]

False Claim: Mark Begich was the deciding vote on the Affordable Care Act.The Facts: This attack is not unique to Alaska; it’s simply a national Republican talking point from a candidate, Dan Sullivan, who receives millions in support from Outside groups like the Koch brothers. Said Ads That Said Various Senators Were Deciding Vote For ACA “Push[ed] The Bounds Of Accuracy.” In June 2012, wrote: “The 60 Plus ad against Nelson also claims that he ‘was a deciding vote for the health care law.’ That’s a stretch. We suppose any vote for the law could technically be called a ‘deciding’ one, but Bill Nelson wasn’t a pivotal vote any more than any other senator. It was another Nelson — Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska — who was one of the last senators to sign on to the bill and give Democrats enough votes to pass it, a fact that Bill Nelson highlighted on his Facebook page. Other ads, including several from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have claimed that other lawmakers — Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana — ‘cast a deciding vote’ for the law. We think it pushes the bounds of accuracy to say anyone who voted for it was ‘a deciding vote.’” [, 6/10/12]

False Claim: Mark Begich believes in more spending, more debt, and no responsibility. The Facts: Mark Begich is serious about fiscal responsibility and federal spending. He supports Senator Rand Paul’s legislation, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, to audit the federal reserve, he cut his senate office budget by $1 million, and has repeatedly voted against automatic pay increases for senators.

Begich Has Repeatedly Voted To Freeze His Own Pay, Gave Back Nearly $1 Million To Treasury From His Office Budget. [KSRM, 2/25/13]

Begich One Of Few Senators Willing To Sacrifice Pay During Sequester.Reported The Hill in April 2013, “Only a few senators are planning to forfeit a portion of their salaries to charity or the U.S. Treasury while sequestration is in effect, according to a survey conducted by The Hill. Most senators, however, are keeping quiet on whether they will follow through. . . . in a survey of Senate offices by The Hill, only Graham and Sens. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) have indicated they would give up some of their take-home pay.” [The Hill, 4/3/13]

KSRM: “Begich Has . . . Repeatedly Proposed Cost-Cutting Measures.”Reported KRSM in April 2013, “Since coming to the Senate, Begich has voted against raising his own pay three times and repeatedly proposed cost-cutting measures.” [KSRM, 4/3/13]