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Sullivan Backers Slam Alaska Teachers

DC-Based Chamber Endorses Sullivan, Slams Teachers, Leaves Alaska FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/29/2014 ANCHORAGE - In a single day the DC-based U.S. Chamber of Commerce parachuted into Alaska to commit money to Dan Sullivan’s campaign, spurn Alaska chambers and slam Alaska teachers. The U.S. Chamber accused Alaska teachers of not properly educating Alaska students by ranking […]

Sullivan No Show At Forum

Begich debates Mark Fish while Sullivan spurns another invite from Alaskans FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 09/28/2014 ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich and Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Mark Fish answered questions about issues important to Alaskans at today’s Shiloh Community Development, Inc. Forum today. U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan no showed at the event, despite a two month old standing […]

Koch Brothers Go Home — Fairbanks Rallies Against Kochs

ICYMI: Alaskans Tell Kochs to Take Their Campaign Money Back to the Lower 48 ANCHORAGE- This week, Alaskans gathered in Fairbanks to stand up for Alaska’s middle class and speak out against the billionaire Koch brothers who closed the Flint Hills refinery, fired 80 Alaskans, raised taxes on Alaskans and caused road construction costs to increase. The […]