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Sullivan Denied PFD Check 10 Years Ago

PFD’s not awarded to individuals claiming residency in another state FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/3/2024 ANCHORAGE- Alaskans are receiving their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) checks while Dan Sullivan celebrates his ten year anniversary of being denied a PFD check. While serving as a political appointee, Sullivan applied for a 2003 PFD check and was denied by Alaska’s […]

Dan Sullivan Pulled From Interview

Fumbles Over Answer About Koch Brothers Financial Backing FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/03/2024 ANCHORAGE- Dan Sullivan’s inability to explain the millions of dollars the Koch brothers are using to support him caused Sullivan’s staff to pull him from an interview with Alaska’s largest TV station. Watch the embarrassing interview here: CLICK PHOTO TO VIEW KTUU STORY […]

Begich Plan: Protect Social Security and Medicare

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/02/2024 ANCHORAGE- Mark Begich is standing up for Alaska’s seniors by protecting their hard-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. For generations, Social Security has been an essential program for Alaska’s seniors, providing important financial security that allows parents and grandparents to live independently and comfortably in their later years. Retirees have paid for […]