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Sullivan Denied PFD Check 10 Years Ago

PFD’s not awarded to individuals claiming residency in another state


ANCHORAGE- Alaskans are receiving their Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) checks while Dan Sullivan celebrates his ten year anniversary of being denied a PFD check. While serving as a political appointee, Sullivan applied for a 2003 PFD check and was denied by Alaska’s Permanent Fund.

Recently the State of Maryland declared Sullivan a resident for a period of three years he spent living in Maryland and claiming tax breaks on a million dollar home while voting in Alaska.

Local Alaska television station KTVA noted that Sullivan didn’t meet PFD requirements and that “the answer of Dan Sullivan’s residency duration is still unknown.”

“Dan Sullivan is in this race solely for himself, he attempted to collect a PFD when he wasn’t eligible and continued voting in Alaska despite being a resident of Maryland to collect tax breaks. In 2004 the PFD check was $1,107, an amount that has easily been compensated for by Sullivan’s Ohio-based parents who have dropped almost a million dollars into Alaska to buy a Senate seat,” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Campaign Manager for Alaskans for Begich

Dan Sullivan’s Ohio-based family has injected $700,000 into Alaska’s Senate race, more money than Dan Sullivan has raised from Alaskans. A check from Sullivan’s parents would look something like this: