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Economic Development & Job Creation

Alaska has a history of developing its economy with vision, ingenuity, and hard work. We have always valued the pursuit what is possible, not what is impossible. No matter how unique the obstacle or tough the environment, we have never been afraid to take on a challenge. But economic development will not happen by accident. We cannot wait passively for change and growth. As Governor, I will bring my vision, leadership, and experience to help get our state back on track and harness our true potential.

As Governor, I would:

  • Create a Stable Regulatory Environment: If we want to encourage meaningful investments that will result in long-term economic stability and growth, we need to help create a stable environment that encourages businesses to invest in Alaska. Just like I did as Mayor, I will review existing regulations and assess whether they are utilized and/or effective – any that do not meet that criteria will be eliminated.
  • Diversifying Our Economic Portfolio: When it comes to the resources we put behind marketing our industries, we must ensure we are not only focused on natural resource development like oil, gas, timber and mining, but also on our many other successful industries such as fishing, tourism, air transportation, health care, finance, and others. We must also look for opportunities to leverage and participate in the modern technology and innovation economy.
  • Train our Workforce So We Can Fill Alaska Jobs with Alaskans First: The State must prioritize workforce development and ensure we are training Alaskans to be working in our expanding industries rather than importing these skills from out of state.
  • Identify New Opportunities for Growth: We must identify and support new industries that are possible areas of long-term growth and potential such as renewable energy, our university system, small micro businesses, and more.

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