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Protecting our Values, Rights, and Assets

As Alaskans, we value our right to privacy and believe there are areas where the government should simply get out of the way and let Alaskans make their own decisions. As Governor, I will always fight to protect our values and ensure that my administration is a barrier against any infringement on our personal or state’s rights.

  • Protecting a Women’s Right to Choose her Own Health Care: Alaskans were ahead of the curve in ensuring women have the right to make their own health care decisions. That is why Alaska legalized access to abortion in 1970 – three years before Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. I believe our next Governor and their administration will play a critically important role in protecting Alaska women from the current threats looming in Washington, D.C. when it comes to women’s’ rights and equal access to care. As the only pro-choice candidate running for Governor, I will continue my record of fighting for women to have equal access to quality, affordable health care and the right to make their own health care decisions.
  • Protecting & Strengthening Subsistence Rights: The traditional and customary way of life, practiced for thousands of years, must be sustained for the nutritional, economic, and cultural well-being of Alaska Natives and rural Alaskans. That is why I am a strong supporter of subsistence rights for Alaska Native people and have built a record of fighting hard to preserve these rights. As Governor, I will continue these efforts and ensure that my administration understands, values, and protects these rights.
  • Protecting Marriage Equality: I believe same sex couples should be allowed to marry and enjoy all the same rights and privileges as any other married couple. The government should keep out of our personal lives – if someone wants to marry someone they love, then they should be able to. As Governor, I will continue my fight for equal rights for all Alaskans and I will not let the rights of Alaskans become subject to the whims of the extreme agenda from Outside groups.
  • Protecting Alaskans’ Rights to Hunt & Fish: Hunting and fishing are part of the Alaska culture. We not only value these rights as a way of life but take seriously our role in teaching the next generation how to responsibly hunt, fish, and carry on these traditions. That is why I have always supported the 2nd amendment and fought to protect Alaskans’ way of life. It is also why as an elected official, I have worked to protect not only our fishing industry, but also our fishing communities. As Governor, I will continue to protect these rights and values for Alaskans.
  • Protecting our State Assets & Resources: Alaska is unique – our size, diversity, and resources are great strengths of the state that must be properly protected if we want to continue to enjoy and reap the benefits both today and for future generations. As Governor, I would utilize the strength of the entire State administration to be Alaska’s best and loudest advocate when it comes to protecting our state resources from the federal government. Specifically, I would:
    • Work to Reinstate a Coastal Zone Management: Without an approved coastal zone management program, Alaskans have lost the opportunity to influence federal decision-making in the oceans surrounding our state. The lack of a coastal zone management program has both economic and environmental impacts to our state. As Governor, I would work with the legislature to get legislation passed to ensure that Alaska is once again a compliant participant in a coastal zone management program.
    • Fight for Our Fair Share from Resource Revenues: Ensuring Alaskans receive their fair share of revenues generated from resource development in our state is just common sense. This an issue I have long supported and fought for and as Governor, I would make sure that both the Congressional Delegation and the Federal Government were engaged with the State to ensure that Alaskans are adequately compensated for our state resources.
    • Ensure State of Alaska Receives Land It was Promised as Part of Statehood Compact: As Governor I would engage the full power of the State Administration to ensure that we receive the lands owed to us by the federal government as part of the Statehood Compact. I would direct departments to make the final selection of the lands that we can utilize for economic, community and social purpose. We need to get these lands into Alaskans’ hands so we can utilize them for the benefit of all Alaskans.

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