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Supporting Small Businesses & Alaska Jobs

Begich fought taxes on Alaska’s small businesses and energy industry FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4/15/2014 ANCHORAGE: As a small businessman Mark Begich knows the importance of supporting Alaska’s job creating small businesses by reducing tax burdens. Begich supports a simplified tax system and believes Alaskans should be able to do their taxes on a single page. […]

Begich Fights Outside Attacks w/ $1 Million Fundraising Quarter

Contributions from over 1,500 Alaskans sets the bar for Alaska Senate candidates FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4/8/2023 ANCHORAGE: Over 1,500 Alaskans donated to U.S. Senator Mark Begich to fight back against false and misleading attack ads from Outside groups flooding Alaska TVs. Begich posted his biggest fundraising total of the cycle by raising $1,045,615.66 in the […]

Sullivan Group Plans to Out-Maneuver Alaskans

Anti-Alaska Club for Growth spills new details about endorsement process FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4/7/2023 ANCHORAGE: A new story from Politico discloses details about a secretive interview process known as a “policy murder board” U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan aced in exchange for an endorsement from the anti-Alaska Club for Growth. Sullivan hasn’t shared any details […]