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ICYMI: KDLG - Begich Touts Alaska VA Care

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/17/2014 ANCHORAGE - Alaska Public Radio station KDLG highlighted Mark Begich’s successful efforts to improve care for Alaska veterans. Last week Begich spoke about the vast improvements to wait times at the Alaska VA for veterans seeking care. Begich discussed the importance of agreements he facilitated between the VA and tribal health […]

More False Attacks from Group Endorsing Dan Sullivan

New Crossroads Ad Perpetuates Old Misleading Attacks FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/17/2014 ANCHORAGE — Karl Rove’s Crossroads is shifting the subject from U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s disgusting attempts to attack Senator Mark Begich’s record of fighting for Alaska’s veterans. The shadowy Outside group, which has endorsed Sullivan, is continuing its attempts to mislead Alaskans with […]

ICYMI: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Calls Out Sullivan Scheme as “Flawed”

“…unwillingness to support limits on campaign finance in races other than his own” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/16/2014 ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan’s endorsement of Citizens United, corporate personhood, and unlimited corporate spending in elections was called out by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and pinned as a contradiction and another attempt to score political points. An editorial in […]