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Mark Begich Releases New Audio Ad Featuring Bella Hammond

Mark Begich launched a new online audio ad today titled “Bella” featuring former First Lady Bella Hammond. The 60-second spot features Bella Hammond, the wife of former Governor Jay Hammond, who highlights Begich’s bipartisan approach and love for Alaska as reasons she supports his candidacy to be Alaska’s next Governor.

Bella Hammond Endorses Mark Begich for Governor

Mark Begich was proud to receive the endorsement of Former First Lady Bella Hammond today in his bid for Governor. Bella Hammond is the wife of the late Jay Hammond, who was the fourth Governor of Alaska. Among his many accomplishments, Governor Hammond is known as one of the creators and visionaries of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Mark Begich Stands for Salmon

Today, Mark Begich announced he is the only candidate for Governor supporting Proposition 1, Stand for Salmon. With almost 50 thousand people signing to make this initiative a reality – this is about fish, but also about making sure Alaskans have a voice in our states future.