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Mark Begich Releases First Radio Ad – Innovation

Highlights Begich Plan to Reduce Crime, Protect the PFD, and Invest in Education

For Immediate Release
July 30, 2023

Anchorage - Mark Begich launched his first radio ad titled Innovation today. The 60-second radio ad focuses on Begich’s innovative approach to leadership and his plans to crack down on crime, constitutionally guarantee a sustainable PFD, and ensure stable, long-term education funding.

To listen to the ad, click play below:

The Transcript of the Radio Ad is Below:

Begich: Hi, this is Mark Begich. And when I decided to run for Governor, I didn’t want to run the same old kind of campaign. I wasn’t that kind of Mayor or Senator, and I won’t be that kind of Governor. We need to bring innovation and action to state government on some really big challenges. Our schools are ranked at the bottom nationwide. And we’re number one for crime. As a father and a lifelong Alaskan, that’s just unacceptable. To fight crime, I’ll invest in local police, expand treatment for opioid addiction, and fill the dozens of vacant public safety positions at the state level. There’s no excuse for not filling those jobs. And for our schools, I’ll start by first guaranteeing the PFD in the state constitution and then reinvesting the fund earnings into education and the permanent fund. This is Mark Begich and when you vote, vote for you think will be the best Governor. Because that’s what you deserve.

Narrator: Paid for by Alaskans for Begich 2018.

To read the ad backup, click here.