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Sullivan Won’t Discuss Voting Rights Act

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ANCHORAGE- Despite serving as Alaska’s top law enforcement officer and claiming to defend the rights of Alaska Natives, Dan Sullivan refuses to share his thoughts on the Voting Rights Act. Another in a list of simple questions Sullivan refuses to answer, including how much money he has received from the Koch brothers and whether he supports the Violence Against Women Act.

Sullivan “would not say” how he felt about the Voting Rights Act and the protections it offered for Alaska Natives when asked by the Associated Press. Sullivan only stated that his record would “speak for itself.”

“Dan Sullivan wants his record to ‘speak for itself,’ that’s exactly the problem for Alaska Natives and rural Alaska. Dan Sullivan’s anti-subsistence and anti-tribal sovereignty lawsuits show Sullivan won’t ever stand up for rural Alaska. All Alaskans deserve equal access to ballot boxes and voting, if Dan Sullivan doesn’t believe that, he should come out and say it,” said Max Croes Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

A candidate comparison from the Associated Press:


“Begich has introduced legislation aimed at protecting voting rights for Alaska Natives and American Indians. It was meant to complement legislation that would rewrite a formula for special protections under the federal Voting Rights Act after the previous formula was thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court last year.”


“Sullivan would not say if he thought there should be a requirement that states with a history of discrimination against voters be required to get federal approval before making election changes, saying he would let his record speak for itself. Alaska fell into that category before the high court’s ruling and in 2012 had sued over the formula.”