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Sullivan at Grand Camp: Can’t Avoid Rural Record

Sullivan Will Address Grand Camp After Snubbing ANB Debate Invitation



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ANCHORAGE- After refusing an invite from Juneau’s Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB) to debate Senator Mark Begich, U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan is expected to try and defend his record of suing Alaska Native peoples and tribes at the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Camp meeting in Petersburg.

“Dan Sullivan refused to put his record of ignoring rural Alaska and suing Alaska Native tribes on display at September’s Alaska Native Brotherhood debate in Juneau in September, but he won’t be able to run from his attacks on Alaska Native and rural communities when he addresses ANB and ANS Grand Camp today. Dan Sullivan sued Alaska Native elder Katie John in an attempt to restrict subsistence rights and he sued Alaska tribes in his bid to curtail Alaska Native tribal authority. Sullivan’s dangerous record on these issues shows an astounding lack of respect for land rights, tribal sovereignty and the rich tradition of subsistence that exists in Alaska,” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Campaign Manager for Alaskans for Begich.
Sullivan has a pattern of avoiding debates with Begich. He initially declined to participate in the Kodiak fish debate, an Alaska tradition, only later caving to pressure and agreeing to attend. At the debate, Sullivan dodged critical questions on whether he would support the Pebble Mine, a project opposed by fishermen and subsistence users. As Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, he defended the Pebble Mine in court and advocated for its advancement.
Sullivan has avoided questions about his role in re-opening the Katie John case, undermining her subsistence rights and access to her family’s centuries old fish camp, as well as his role in suing the Kaltag tribe to assert state control over a tribe’s ability to adopt their own children - even if the child is in danger.