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Sullivan Advanced Pebble Mine Development

Dismissed Alaska Voices


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ANCHORAGE- As Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources Dan Sullivan pushed the Pebble Mine by advocating land use designations that benefitted the development.

At DNR, Sullivan “led the charge” to reclassify state land in the Bristol Bay Area Plan (BBAP) to clear the way for the Pebble Mine, cutting subsistence users and fishermen out of the permitting process over objections from tribal leaders and subsistence users.

“When Dan Sullivan says he never supported the Pebble Mine he’s being blatantly dishonest with the thousands of fishermen and subsistence users in rural Alaska who rely on the salmon in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Sullivan cut subsistence users and rural communities entirely out of the permitting process cutting out Alaska voices and pushing the Pebble Mine forward,” said Max Croes, Communications Director forAlaskans for Begich.

Sullivan’s anti-subsistence record is well documented after he re-opened the Katie John lawsuit and sued the Kaltag tribe in an attempt to undermine tribal sovereignty. Sullivan also pushed forward the “Silencing Alaskans Act” to take away public say in the use of land and water.