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Begich Announces Military and Military Families Platform

Second Term Will Bring Continued Focus on Alaska Infrastructure, Servicemembers and Their Families, and Cutting Wasteful Defense Spending

ANCHORAGE — Today, Senator Mark Begich is announcing his military and military families platform for a second term in the U.S. Senate. His plan focuses on growing Alaska’s military infrastructure and missions, providing increased support for servicemembers and their families, and reducing wasteful Defense spending.

“Alaska’s strategic importance is on the rise with a greater emphasis on the Pacific Rim and increased investment into Alaska—from keeping the F-16s and stationing the F-35s at Eielson AFB, to increased funding for missile defense at Fort Greely. Alaska’s military is crucial to our nation’s defense and also employs many Alaskans, which is why I am committed to increasing military missions and infrastructure in Alaska. I am also deeply committed to supporting military members, retirees and their families by protecting benefits and improving access to care. They have sacrificed to serve our country and deserve someone who fights for them in Washington, D.C. Rather than cutting their benefits, I will work to cut wasteful Defense spending to reduce the deficit,” said Senator Mark Begich.


Mark Begich’s military and military families platform includes three major proposals:

Growing Alaska’s Military Infrastructure and Missions:

Mark Begich is committed to growing Alaska’s military infrastructure and missions. With focus on the Pacific Rim increasing, Alaska’s strategic importance is increasing as well. After successfully fighting to keep the F-16s, Begich is now focused on bringing the F-35s to Eielson. The military presence in Alaska creates tens of thousands of jobs and significantly contributes to our economy, and Begich is committed to keeping Alaska’s military strong.

Standing Up For Military Members and Families:

Mark Begich believes we cannot balance the budget on the backs on our military members, retirees and their families. Begich is working to provide adequate care, pay and benefits for approximately 65,000 military members and their families in Alaska.

Cut Wasteful Defense Spending:

Nothing is more important than protecting our national security and taking care of those who serve our country. However, when it comes to reducing our deficit, no agency should be exempt, which is why Begich is committed to cutting wasteful defense spending.