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Mark is always an independent voice for Alaska, whether it’s championing Arctic oil and gas development, fighting Frankenfish, protecting Eielson Air Force Base from closure, or making sure Alaskans have good jobs, schools and communities. Through his monthly “Alaska Updates” he reports back to Alaskans on his work fighting for Alaska.

Alaska Updates - Introduction
Mark highlights need for a balanced budget and his work to cut the national deficit.

Alaska Updates - Begich Independence
Mark shows he’s as independent as Alaska.

Alaska Updates - Loud and Clear
Mark is making sure the needs of Alaska are heard loud and clear in Washington.

Alaska Updates - Armed Services
Mark works for our servicemen and women and veterans, who do so much for us.

Alaska Updates - Jobs Update
Mark is creating more Alaskan jobs.

Alaska Updates - Whack-A-Mole
Mark fights to simplify and improve the drilling process.

Alaska Updates - Privacy
Mark is demanding full disclosure of government programs spying on American citizens.
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Alaska Updates - The Connection
Mark discusses his work to responsibly cut spending.

Alaska Updates - Nine Thousand
Mark is dedicated to bringing our 9,000 Alaskan soldiers home.

Alaska Updates - Radio Ad: No Child Left Behind 2013
Listen to Mark’s radio ad on No Child Left Behind.

Alaska Updates - Radio Ad: Government Shutdown 2013
Listen to Mark’s radio ad about the government shutdown.

Alaska Updates - Radio Ad: Right to It 2013
Mark has a new ad on the radio! Listen to it

Alaska Updates - Radio Ad: Healthcare 2013
Listen to Mark’s radio ad on healthcare.

Alaska Updates - Radio Ad: Our Land 2013
Listen to Mark’s radio ad called “Our Land”

Alaska Updates - Radio Ad: Outsiders 2014
Listen to Mark’s radio ad call “Outsiders”