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Zero Alaskans Featured in Sullivan’s New TV Ad

Condoleezza Rice, “Architect of Surveillance State,” Mentions Alaska Once


ANCHORAGE- U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s latest TV ad features the word “Alaska” once and like many of the Outside attack ads supporting his campaign, the ad features no Alaskans. Alaskans remember Condoleezza Rice, in partnership with Karl Rove, as an engineer of the PATRIOT Act and modern practices the federal government uses to spy on millions of Americans.

“Dan Sullivan’s ad featuring former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, proves just how out of touch he is with Alaskans right to privacy. Joe Miller and Mark Begich see eye to eye on the fact Dan Sullivan is supported by the ‘architects of the surveillance state’ like Condoleezza Rice who have no respect for the rights of Alaskans. Sullivan calling in his former boss for a job reference only reminds Alaskans that he’s running to represent Outside interests, not Alaskans. Mark Begich, like the majority of Alaskans, is opposed to the Patriot Act and believes Secretary Rice and Karl Rove’s efforts to inflict wide-reaching federal surveillance programs violated the rights of Americans. Mark Begich remains focused on Alaskans and his record of supporting their privacy rights,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

What U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller had to say about Dan Sullivan’s support from the architects of the surveillance state:

“I think it’s also atrocious that we have people standing on the stage who were actually part of the surveillance state. The Bush Administration initiated much of what we see in the surveillance state today. And in fact Mr. Sullivan worked for one of the agencies that actually helped bring that to the floor…and I think it’s important too that we not have a Senator whose campaign is being funded by the architects of the surveillance state,” said Joe Miller.

This is the second campaign advertisement Secretary Rice has appeared in in support of U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Earlier in the campaign Karl Rove’s American Crossroads gave Dan Sullivan a head’s up that Rice would be featured in a dark money ad.

Recently, Dan Sullivan has come under fire from Alaskans for misrepresenting his residency during his time working as a political appointee in the Bush Administration under Secretary Rice. A State of Maryland tax investigation discovered Dan Sullivan was a resident of Maryland from 2006-2008 despite his claims he’s been a resident of Alaska for seventeen consecutive years.